Barbara Milo: Cultivating the HALL Park Experience

Barbara Milo, Director of Park Experience

We sat down with Barbara to get insight into her day-to-day routine and her unique role working with the 9,000 individuals and 200+ companies at HALL Park. Barbara has reimagined the tenant experience by providing around-the-clock customer service and unique amenities that attract and retain the most talented workforces.


  1. Tell us about your role and responsibilities as the Director of Park Experience at HALL Park?
    1. As the Director of Park Experience, I like to refer to myself as the ‘Queen of Fun’. I work to create an engaged community and an unparalleled experience for our tenants by working closely with them to provide a great work environment for their employees. By helping companies maximize the services and amenities at HALL Park, such as fitness, on-site car and fuel services, food services and many others, I am able to help provide everyday conveniences while improving their employees’ workplace satisfaction.
  2. What does a typical day look like for you?
    1. Every day is different, new and exciting. I am always discovering new amenities, food options and events for our tenants to enjoy. Having a personal connection with each of our tenants, I am always on-site to help guide their experience at HALL Park, so a big part of my day is spent engaging one-on-one with our tenants and building these relationships. I work closely with several vendors and partner with them to visit our buildings and add value to the companies at the park.
  3. What are the most sought-after “work perks” you offer tenants at the park?
    1. Health-related amenities are the most sought after at HALL Park. We’ve worked hard to prioritize health and wellness through green space, walking and biking trails, hundreds of works of inspiring art and a state-of-the-art fitness center. Our HALL Active fitness center offers several daily workout classes and a variety of indoor and outdoor fitness activities, including Pilates, boot camp, TRX training and even spin classes! Our tenants also seek out conferencing areas and event space, including our outdoor amphitheater and Wi-Fi enabled seating areas. We also have monthly wellness seminars on various topics presented by doctors from Texas Health.
  4. How is the tenant experience different at HALL Park compared to other offices?
    1. I try to get to know each and every one of my tenants. My role is unique and something that most other companies do not have, which differentiates our tenant experience from others. In-person interaction and creating a strong park culture is very important and helps our management team better understand what amenities our tenants desire and how we can better cater to them on a daily basis. This role has allowed us to deliver an optimal tenant experience at HALL Park.
  5. Are there any experiences or stories that have stood out to you over the years?
    1. Every year on Administrative Professionals’ Day I recognize our tenants’ 250 administrative professionals by hand-delivering gifts or taking them to a special venue. This ranges from massages to gift cards, dining experiences and more. One year, one of the recipients came outside after I delivered her gift to thank me and told me her company nor her boss recognized Administrative Professionals’ Day. This was an eye-opening (and memorable) moment for me about how we can positively impact people’s lives in the workplace.
  6. What type of companies are attracted to the culture at HALL Park?
    1. Our tenants come to HALL Park for the culture and community. We have a diverse array of companies across many industries, from nonprofits to food distributors, medical and software information technology, that all want to recruit and retain the most talented workforce. These companies recognize the value of the workplace created at HALL Park and their ability to grow within the park, as they expand and evolve every year.

Rapid Fire Questions with Barbara:

  1. What’s your favorite sports team? I’ll always be a Cowboy’s fan!!
  2. What’s your favorite ice cream flavor? Cheesecake w/ fresh Strawberries
  3. Favorite Frisco restaurants? Now, that’s a hard one!  This list might be longer than the blog…lol!  I will just say there are a lot of great restaurants in Frisco.
  4. Last book you read? The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
  5. Heels or sneakers? I’m short so always heels!!

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